#120 Experiential Learning: Unlocking Your Teen’s Career Path with Drews Mitchell

In this episode, Lisa and Drews discuss:

  • What experiential learning is, and how your student can engage in these types of opportunities. 
  • The importance of beginning career conversations in middle school. 
  • Different types of experiential learning (and the varying commitment levels each requires).
  • The power of asking “Tell me more?” and giving your student the reins to take control of their experiential learning. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Consider both interests and aptitudes when helping your teen to unlock potential career paths. 
  • Start laying the foundation to build awareness for your student as young as sixth grade. 
  • Your student should be leading as you are assisting and supporting. 
  • There are many ways for students to explore different experiences from job shadowing, to volunteering, to after-school experiences, or a high school internship, and so many more. If the opportunity doesn’t seem to exist, just ask because that can open doors for your student. 


There are so many neat ways for families to engage in the opportunities to see and experience the real world. And I love the fact that this can be looked at from an awareness piece, it can be from an exploration piece, it can be from a planning piece, it can be from a doing piece.” – Drews Mitchell


About Drews Mitchell:

Drews Mitchell earned an MA in School Counseling from Xavier University and has been serving as a counselor since 2007. His responsibilities have included the development and implementation of career-related awareness and assessment systems, group practice as well as counseling for both students and clients as well as their families. Mitchell, a National Career Development Association (NCDA) Certified Career Counselor, enjoys the process of helping others to find success using Career Construction Counseling and cognitive-behavioral techniques. He recently presented at the 2023 NCDA Global Conference about experiential learning and will present again in 2024 about cultivating hopefulness. His memberships include Chi Sigma Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa, the NCDA, the Ohio Career Development Association, the Ohio Association of College Admissions Counseling, and the Ohio Career Development Association.


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