#124 Application Tips from a Former Admissions Counselor with Heather Parry

In this episode, Lisa and Heather discuss:

  • The behind-the-scenes of how admissions processes work at large universities. 
  • What it means when the college says they do a “holistic review” and how your teen will be evaluated.
  • Why your student should give context to any weaknesses on their application 
  • The importance of aligning your student’s activities with their intended major. 
  • Ways to maximize your teen’s chance for success by utilizing the entire application. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Your student should focus on their college applications in the summer before their senior year. Waiting until fall can be more chaotic and stressful once school is back in session. 
  • The responsibility is on your student to give everything they needed on the application. Admissions readers don’t typically have the time to look up or ask for additional information or clarification.
  • Most admissions readers at large research universities will spend fewer than 10 minutes on your teen’s application. 
  • Your student should take advantage of the Additional Information section to give context for any questions about their application. This is not another essay section and should be answered clearly and concisely. 


Most of the time, I do think the application captures what it needs to capture. If there is something – a gap, or a red flag, or a dip, or something crucial to understanding who you are as a student, that is not captured anywhere else – [the Additional Information is] where that can come into play.” – Heather Parry


About Heather Parry:

Prior to starting Parry College Counseling, Heather worked in admissions and recruiting for a range of universities and graduate programs, including Western University of Health Sciences and the University of Washington, among others. Over the years, Heather has read thousands of freshman, transfer, and international applications; interviewed hundreds of students for admission; and networked with admissions counselors and professionals across the country.


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