#125 Colleges Share How Admissions by Major Works with Lisa Marker Robbins

In this episode, Lisa discusses:

  • Using the clues from colleges to guide your family and manage expectations. 
  • Understanding the differences in the two categories of colleges: liberal arts colleges and universities. 
  • The role major-specific admissions plays at the two kinds of colleges. 
  • The three categories of admissions by major that are found at universities and how it affects your teen being admitted. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Liberal arts colleges focus on a solid undergraduate education and typically have smaller enrollment. Most are private and have few graduate degrees. 
  • 73% of college students are attending public state universities. 
  • Universities are looking for alignment between the applicant and what they’re looking to major in (even if they don’t admit students directly to a major). 
  • Colleges and universities are looking for well-rounded classes. They expect students to have some level of career interest going into college. 


I want to emphasize to my listeners the need for early planning and informed decision-making while our kids are still at home under our roof because once they step foot on campus, the colleges are not communicating with the parents…Your student has to fully engage and take advantage of the resources on campus. And I’ve found that the quality of resources vary from needs improvement to really fantastic.” – Lisa Marker Robbins


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