#022 The College Bound Student Athlete Process

We know that finding the academic and financial fit for colleges to go along with your career goals is challenging enough. And for student athletes who are considering playing in college, there’s another layer of complexity. If your teen is a student athlete, you don’t want to miss my conversation with Katie Anderson who is a private college counselor specializing in student athletes. She shares the unique process athletes need to follow and what questions your family will want to consider while you are on the college-bound journey.

Katie reveals a proven timeline guided by the NCAA and provides some important resources that might help your teen eliminate schools off of their list of prospects. You’ll learn the different athletic divisions of colleges and be confident with the rules around communication with coaches at the college level.

Her tips and tricks to keep up with school work around a busy sports schedule and how to handle co-ops, and test optional schools is pure gold! Katie will explain the different paths available to students if they aren’t able to go to a four-year college. Bottom-line: ask lots of questions…and Katie will give you the questions to ask in this episode!


  • Learn when student athletes should begin the process (and what’s too early & late)
  • What to expect of different athlete experiences for NCAA Divisions 1, 2, and 3 as well as the NAIA
  • The importance of ACT & SAT scores
  • How to know if your teen’s intended major is doable with athletics 
  • Advice on athletic scholarships & for full pay students 

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Meet Our Guest

Katie Andersen is a private college counselor in Dana Point, CA. She specializes in working with student-athletes to help them identify schools that are the best fit for both the ‘student’ and the ‘athlete’ as well as guiding them through the college athletic recruiting and application process. Her unique perspective is based on personal experience as a Division 1 soccer player at Duke University, alumni interviewer, college counselor, and experience working for 15 years in the software and web design industries in the United States and Europe. She received her College Counseling Certificate with distinction from UCLA Extension and is a member of IECA and HECA.

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