#006 Sneak Peek of the Launch Career Clarity Course

Things have changed so much since you decided what college and career direction to go in. In this episode, you’ll hear how the Launch Career Clarity Course can assist you to hold your child’s hand and then eventually let go of their hand as they start their journey to the future. This is an opportunity to alleviate the stress that inevitably comes along with what happens in the fall of Senior year. 

You’ll go behind the scenes of the course which teaches students how to know themselves and know what careers are out there in order to find alignment with who they are, and then understand the path to get into that career. You’ll learn more about the Birkman personality assessment, what happens inside the course, and how to manage what your child can do to maximize momentum towards progress.

Hear about the proven resources that come with the course, the community you’re joining, and how to prepare. Launch Career Clarity Course repels the overwhelm you and your child might be feeling during this important time in their life and you’ll feel confident that you are parenting to the best of your ability.


  • Who is a great fit for Launch Career Clarity
  • The Birkman personality assessment coupled with coaching works
  • Step-by-Step through each module’s focus
  • What happens in a weekly “Launch Live”
  • Why there isn’t just one job that fits
  • Bonus reports customized to your student
  • My full-refund guarantee

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