#007 Set Your Student Up to Crush College Stress

Statistics are driving home the importance of managing your child’s stress at college. Dale Troy joins the College and Career Clarity Podcast to tell parents how they can help their child maneuver through the pressure and stress that can overwhelm them at college.

With a 30% dropout rate and less than 60% of students able to complete a degree within 4 years, parents are often surprised when they discover that their child wasn’t ready for living on campus. Dale tells us what signs to look for before anxiety, depression, and stress derail them and the skills you can help your child start mastering in high school in order to prepare. And her information will help parents whose kids are still in high school position them for a successful transition to college. 

Dale Troy is a College Success Coach and Certified Health Coach, who helps teens successfully transition to college.  Dale’s coaching program provides the life-skills that students need in college to have academic and social success, as well as physical and emotional health. 


  • Why parents shouldn’t assume their child go have a smooth transition to college
  • Learn what factors Dale attributes to more college stress today and how parents contribute to this
  • Tips for parents to proactively set their high school student up to be successful when they get to college
  • What are the identifiable traits of successful college students
  • How to recognize if your college student is floundering when they are away from you

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