#072 Summer is the Key to Academic Success with David Blobaum

In this episode Lisa and David discuss:

  • Statistics that will change the way you look at your student’s school breaks.
  • How to use school breaks for students’ success. 
  • The profound impact reading has on a student’s academic success. 
  • Helping students to increase their reading speed and comprehension. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Between 1st and 5th grade, roughly 24% of what wealthy students learned was during the summer. For non-wealthy students, many had a reverse slide during that same time period. 
  • Taking away the student’s instant gratification and teaching them to practice delayed gratification will positively impact their education. 
  • Get your student hooked on books. It doesn’t matter what they’re reading as long as they are reading. It is the most essential skill to develop for academic success in all subjects. 
  • If all your teen can do is read at the library, that is an amazing advantage for their education. 

“Not only does it help does reading ability helps students in English but again, it helps them in history, it helps them in biology, it will even touch upon and improve a student’s math ability.” – David Blobaum

About David Blobaum:

David Blobaum is a nationally recognized expert on the SAT and ACT. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago, and, in 2013, he and a former classmate started Summit Prep, a tutoring company with locations in Bernardsville and Summit, NJ that specializes in SAT and ACT tutoring. He is on the Board of Directors for the National Test Prep Association and serves as the organization’s Director of Outreach to help highlight how academic standards can help students, schools, and society.

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