Like it or not, most decisions leading up to high school graduation have an impact on their future. And some of them, like selecting a major, can be nearly impossible to undo if your child changes his or her mind. But here’s the good news: Information is power.

05 Mar 2024
College Major Enrollment: How to Check Numbers Before You Choose

  In today’s competitive academic landscape, choosing the right college and major is paramount for high school students on the threshold of their college journey. Lisa Marker Robbins, a seasoned expert with over three decades of experience guiding teens and their parents through the college selection process, unveils a vital strategy for making informed decisions….

01 Jun 2021
Let’s Talk College Podcast

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15 May 2021
How to Get Career Clarity Over Summer

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Choosing a Career Impacts College _ Major Choice

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21 Apr 2021
College Majors Where High School Students Need to Commit at Application

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Kyra Kim_ An Interview with a NASA Earth Scientist

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