#126 Supporting Jewish Students in their College Search Process with Sam Joustra

In this episode, Lisa and Sam discuss:

  • How Jewish students can find the right college fit and connect with Jewish life on campus.
  • The different levels of Jewish community engagement exist on campuses.
  • Encouraging your teen to understand what is important and truly matters to them around their faith and practices. 
  • Using resources like Hillel International to uncover key strategies to help your teen find a supportive community and thrive academically and socially.


Key Takeaways: 

  • Many students can and should be prepared that their relationship to their faith may change in their life. That could also be a product of their surroundings.
  • Hillel can help your student find the hub of Jewish life at their school and can help to compare student life at different schools. 
  • Parents, allow your student to reach out and email the schools and organizations themselves.
  • Colleges love diversity and want teens to share their authentic selves. They want to create communities with different voices and perspectives. Don’t be afraid to share what matters to you. 


If it’s important to you, and if it’s authentic to understanding who you are, how you have evolved as a person, and your lived experiences, yes, the colleges want to hear about that. That is welcomed on college campuses. They do want to create communities of students who have different backgrounds and insights and perspectives, and your voice is valid as long as that’s the story that you want to share.” – Sam Joustra


About Sam Joustra:

Sam Joustra came to Collegewise after working in college admissions for ten years at three different institutions. She attended Goucher College as an undergraduate, and worked in admissions at Hampshire College, Vanderbilt University, and the University of Michigan. She loves applying her experience on the other side of the desk to her work with students, helping them choose the schools that are the best fit and helping them navigate the admissions process.


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