#129 Empowering Teens for Success: Career Readiness with Lorna Bryant

In this episode, Lisa and Lorna discuss:

  • Skills that will help your teen make connections and be a better candidate for college and career. 
  • While students want more clarity on career paths, why they are feeling overwhelmed, and how they can be helped.
  • How students can take advantage of industries connecting with young talent earlier than ever before.  
  • Tips for balancing your teen’s self-discovery while still providing guidance.
  • Steps for ruling out interests early before investing significant time and money.


Key Takeaways: 

  • Great organizations are working to connect young people with businesses that are looking to solve real-world problems. 
  • It is never too soon for young people to make connections with businesses and organizations. 
  • Companies understand that technical skills can be taught, but human skills, soft skills, and durable skills are key to success in your teen’s future career. 
  • Students can earn certificates and credentials while in high school that are accepted by colleges and universities, as well as helping with their future careers. 
  • Knowing what your student doesn’t want to do is as important, if not more so, than what they do want to do. Even experiences that don’t turn out how they want or expect are valuable learning opportunities. 


Yes, you can participate in things that you love and are passionate about. And that doesn’t detract from the fact that you can also be preparing to become this adult, the future self that you want to be and that will be happy and fulfilled while you’re doing these things.” – Dr. Lorna Bryant


About Dr. Lorna Bryant:

Dr. Lorna Bryant is the Head of Career Solutions for Pearson Virtual Schools. Lorna is a dedicated educator who has spent her 25+ year career working to identify and create the best educational and postsecondary options for children regardless of geographic, socio-economic, or other circumstances. She began her career in education as a middle and high school English and history teacher, cross-country coach, and gifted teacher and program administrator. She also spent her evenings and summers working for the Upward Bound program at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith. Recognizing the critical role that technology can play in bridging access and equity gaps, Dr. Bryant transitioned from the classroom to working with boards and ministries of education, school leaders, and policymakers to facilitate the launch and oversee the operations of full-time online and blended school options around the country and abroad. As the first woman in her family to receive a high school diploma, Lorna understands the power of connections and relationships in setting young people on the path to successful and fulfilling careers. Facilitating those connections and relationships has been Lorna’s primary professional focus for the past decade. As a parent and an educator, Dr. Bryant has a particular interest in the needs of twice-exceptional students and has worked as a consultant in this field, presenting to school districts, state departments of education, and advocacy groups.


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