#077 Reframing Post-Graduation Success for Struggling Students with Scotti Weintraub

In this episode, Lisa and Scotti discuss:

  • Why many students’ struggles appear in high school and after, rather than in younger grades. 
  • Where families can start when their student is struggling. 
  • Opportunities outside of high school for students to find success quickly and boost confidence. 
  • Collaborative problem-solving with students and educators for student success. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Every student finds success on their own timeline.
  • As a parent, your emotions do not matter in your child’s struggle. Your child is smart and has their own strengths and has their own path. It may look different from your path or what you want for them. 
  • Lead with and lean into your student’s strengths when talking about struggles. 
  • Learning does not equal classroom learning. That is only one path of learning and there is more than one path to thriving and career success. 

“I think that a different kind of learning can be very, very valuable, especially for kids who struggle in school, because they often feel very unsuccessful, and not confident in their ability to learn and grow. To give them an opportunity that better fits their learning style or their interests is a place where they can shine and grow in their own way.” – Scotti Weintraub


About Scotti Weintraub:

Scotti Weintraub has dedicated more than 17 years to supporting other parents. She’s an accomplished community organizer and presenter who now specializes in helping other parents find the knowledge and resources they need to help their kids succeed when they’re struggling at school. When her own kids struggled and she couldn’t find the roadmap she wanted, Scotti channeled her inner researcher and got to work. With Reframe Parenting, she’s sharing her hard-won successes and strategies with parents to save both time and heartache. Reframe’s bottom line? Every kid is amazing and deserves to succeed. 


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