#087 Why Applying Early to Your College Of Choice Could be a Strategic Win with Julie Kelsheimer

In this episode, Lisa and Julie discuss:

  • Explaining the menu of college application early options for your student. 
  • What it means for an early decision acceptance to be binding. 
  • How applying to public versus private institutions changes Early Action and Early Decision applications. 
  • Strategizing on your student’s applications. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Early Decision 1 (ED1) applications are typically due in early November – these are binding. If admitted, your teen must go and withdrawal other applications from other colleges. Early Decision 2 (ED2) applications are typically due in early January – these are also binding.
  • Single Choice Early Action (SCEA) is non-binding, but super restrictive in where else the student can apply. These schools do not allow students to apply ED anywhere or early action to any other private universities (but they still can apply EA to public universities). 
  • REA (Restricted Early Action) is similar to SCEA – it’s non-binding but restrictive. High school students cannot apply anywhere else ED, but they can apply early action to other institutions. 
  • Just because a school offers early decision, does not mean it is the right decision for every student. Do your research. 


The type of person that should consider ED1 is somebody that feels really strongly about that school. ‘This is where I want to go, I’m showing you where I want to go.’ That gives them an edge, but then also, ‘I have really prepared myself to send you a competitive application.’” – Julie Kelsheimer


About Julie Kelsheimer:

Julie is a College Admissions Advisor through Great Minds Advising, which is the remotely-based college advising wing of the tutoring company Westchester Prep, located just outside of New York City. Julie educated middle schoolers and high schoolers in the private realm for over ten years, and she spent 7 years as a university professor. Julie has enjoyed working with high schoolers (and the occasional 7th or 8th grader!) on assessing and diligently working towards their college goals. Because Julie has worked with students at the high school level and at the university level, she offers a unique perspective surrounding what it takes to be a competitive college applicant, as well as a thriving college student. 


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