#105 Navigating Choices between AP or Dual Enrollment with Julie Spak

In this episode, Lisa and Julie discuss:

  • Understanding your student’s goals before enrolling in Advanced Placement (AP) or Dual Enrollment (DE) courses. 
  • Why your teen’s AP exam score matters more to colleges than their grade in the AP class. 
  • How to know what your student’s desired colleges will accept for college credit. 
  • Exploring academic, college major, and career interests through DE and AP courses.


Key Takeaways: 

  • AP courses are standardized nationally, and they have a set curriculum as designated by the College Board. DE courses vary depending on where you live and how the DE course is being conducted.
  • Some selective colleges and universities do not grant credit for AP or DE courses but recognize them as preparation for college. 
  • AP exams have a standard cost for taking the exam. DE course costs vary by state. 
  • Admissions officers will consider what a student chooses to take with what choices are available to them. Your student will not be penalized if their high school has limited AP and DE choices. 


The key is knowing what your school district offers, sanctions, and has available to you.” – Julie Spak


About Julie Spak: 

Julie is an Educational Consultant, Career Coach & Independent College Counselor. Since 1985, Julie has been connecting students to their futures in her work as a College Admissions Officer, Financial Aid Officer, and Honors Program Counselor at the University of New Hampshire, where she received her M.Ed in Counseling and BA in Communication and English. Julie also worked as a School Counselor, so she knows how to help students and families from “both sides of the desk.” She is a past president of the New Hampshire School Counselors Association and a member of the Pennsylvania School Counselors Association and National College Advocacy Group (NCAG). Julie is Birkman certified. Working as a Career Coach & Educational Consultant combines all of her passions of helping students learn about their strengths and finding the best-fit college major and institution while keeping finances in mind. Julie’s coaching produces a stand-out college application and accelerates the career search during college and beyond. 

Julie lives in suburban Philadelphia with her husband and two active teen boys, where there is never a dull moment! 


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