#112 Ushering in the New Digital SAT with Jackie Pollina

In this episode, Lisa and Jackie discuss:

  • The most significant overhaul of the SAT to date.
  • Exploring the new version of the SAT with a focus on the digital format, timing, and structure. 
  • Insight as to whether the digital SAT better aligns with modern teens than paper testing. 
  • The revamped SAT and how it compares to the ACT. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • With many universities, including Dartmouth and Yale, returning to requiring test scores, understanding SAT and ACT options is paramount for parents and students preparing to tackle the college admissions process. 
  • Jackie found that more high school students are interested in learning about the SAT and improving their scores. 
  • The students are adapting to new technologies, and many are ready for online testing. This opens conversations with parents and students about whether the online SAT or paper ACT is best for their student. 
  • Part of test prep is not just learning the test but learning how to use digital tools. 


Even with the lack of information, it is a very easy test to navigate given it has consistent topics across the board.” – Jackie Pollina


About Jackie Pollina:

Jackie co-founded J&J Test Prep, a test prep company that specializes in both SAT and ACT prep. J&J Test Prep offers private tutoring, intensive classes, and shorter-term classes (crash courses). 


Jackie also co-founded No B.S. SAT Prep, an on-demand SAT prep platform for the new digital SAT. This platform boasts 200+ videos, 1700+ practice questions, and mimics all technological features of the digital SAT. 


Jackie is a social media star: she runs @testpreptips, a test prep-oriented TikTok account with around 300,000 followers.


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