If you are overwhelmed with the college-bound journey, confused by how much things have changed, or frustrated by having more questions than answers, then College and Career Clarity is the compass you need, when you need it most. Weekly episodes with Lisa Marker-Robbins and her guests provide families with strategic guidance to resource your student to make informed choices that align with their passions, purpose, and potential future. You’ll be informed to be able to have intentional & productive family conversations grounded in guidance and broken into actionable steps to move from overwhelmed and confused to motivated, clear, and confident about your teen’s future.

16 Apr 2024
#118 Occupational Therapy Career Close-Up with Chris Robbins

In this episode, Lisa and Chris discuss: What occupational therapy is and the different patient groups it benefits.  Various preparatory paths students can consider in high school and college as they consider OT or similar fields.  How to curate experiences, like job shadows, to discover if OT is the right path for your teen.  Resources…

12 Jul 2022
#026 Creating Your College Bound Calendar

Episode Summary In this episode, I’m doing something a little…

05 Jul 2022
#025 Student Success Story: Steps for Teens Creating Their Own Extracurricular

Episode Summary In this episode, I’m talking with Sophia Chabris…

28 Jun 2022
#024 Tools for Raising Thriving Teens

Episode Summary In this episode, Mandy Fontaine, former collegiate athlete…

21 Jun 2022
#023 College Visit Tips from the College Spy

EPISODE SUMMARY Today, Michelle McAnaney, “The College Spy,” and an…

14 Jun 2022
#022 The College Bound Student Athlete Process

We know that finding the academic and financial fit for…

07 Jun 2022
#021 Career Close-up: Psychologist

Have you ever wondered why do so many students who…